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ISO C-conformant printf format specifiers

Posted by CFOP at 2009-08-11 10:06:51 on Problem 1265 and last updated at 2009-08-11 10:07:44
In Reply To:pick 定理+边上的顶点数 恩 学习了 ,不过为什么代码C++能过G++过不了?大牛们能帮我看下吗 Posted by:abilitytao at 2009-08-10 22:45:07
Prior to the compiler upgrade in May 2009, we serviced C and C++
submissions using GCC 3.4.2. That version of GCC relies on the 
old MS VC++ 6 runtime library, which does not support the %lld 
and %llu specifiers for signed and unsigned long long types but
allows the standard-incompliant %lf and %lg specifiers for 
floating-point types. The new GCC 4.4.0 comes with its own ISO 
C-conformant implementation of the printf function. Now you can
use %lld and %llu with either C/C++ compiler, but %lf and %lg 
only work with MS VC++ 2008 Express. As a rule of thumb, you 
should always use the %f and %g specifiers instead for 
floating-point types. 

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