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欢迎参加IJCAI 2020麻将智能体竞赛,大奖等你拿!Welcome to IJCAI 2020 Mahjong AI competition with amazing prizes! | 北京大学《ACM/ICPC大学生程序设计竞赛训练》暑期课面向全球招生!
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2470Ambiguous permutations3054Ulm Local 2005
2471Bullshit Bingo509Ulm Local 2005
2472106 miles to Chicago1580Ulm Local 2005
2473Decorate the wall288Ulm Local 2005
2474European railroad tracks182Ulm Local 2005
2475Any fool can do it423Ulm Local 2005
2476Game schedule required185Ulm Local 2005
2477Help the problem setter129Ulm Local 2005
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