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3339Team Arrangement544Tehran 2006
3340Barbara Bennett's Wild Numbers970Tehran 2006
3341Calculating Taxi Fare123Tehran 2006
3342Party at Hali-Bula1681Tehran 2006
3343Against Mammoths371Tehran 2006
3344Chessboard Dance462Tehran 2006
3345Bribing FIPA1046Tehran 2006
3346Treasure of the Chimp Island248Tehran 2006
3347Kadj Squares959Tehran 2006
3331The Idiot of the Year Contest!1760Tehran 2006 Preliminary
3332Parsing Real Numbers816Tehran 2006 Preliminary
3333Co-workers from Hell239Tehran 2006 Preliminary
3334Connected Gheeves262Tehran 2006 Preliminary
3335Rotating Scoreboard1787Tehran 2006 Preliminary
3336ACM Underground80Tehran 2006 Preliminary
3337Expression Evaluator511Tehran 2006 Preliminary
3338Rectangle Cutting749Tehran 2006 Preliminary
Total 17 Problems match!

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