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1818ATP278Romania OI 2002
1819Disks332Romania OI 2002
1820Expression13Romania OI 2002
1821Fence1453Romania OI 2002
1822Fence2106Romania OI 2002
1823Hotel817Romania OI 2002
1824TwoFour32Romania OI 2002
1825Young128Romania OI 2002
1836Alignment4102Romania OI 2002
1837Balance6439Romania OI 2002
1838Banana552Romania OI 2002
1840Eqs4345Romania OI 2002
1843Shire21Romania OI 2002
1844Sum5971Romania OI 2002
1845Sumdiv4204Romania OI 2002
1846System77Romania OI 2002
1848Tree974Romania OI 2002
1850Code3836Romania OI 2002
Total 18 Problems match!

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