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3738Card Game73PKU Campus 2009 (POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.05.17), Asukalt
3737UmBasketella2482PKU Campus 2009 (POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.05.17), cyqclark
3739Special Squares266PKU Campus 2009 (POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.05.17), Doraemonok
3735Training little cats1938PKU Campus 2009 (POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.05.17), Facer
3731Escape373PKU Campus 2009 (POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.05.17), Rainer
3732Paint Me Less95PKU Campus 2009 (POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.05.17), Rainer
3733Shadow Area39PKU Campus 2009 (POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.05.17), Rainer
3734Blocks2757PKU Campus 2009 (POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.05.17), Simon
3736Snipe the Sniper355PKU Campus 2009 (POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.05.17), TN
3218Alignments205PKU Local 2007 (POJ Monthly--2007.04.28), frkstyc
3220Context-Free Languages130PKU Local 2007 (POJ Monthly--2007.04.28), frkstyc
3225Help with Intervals1584PKU Local 2007 (POJ Monthly--2007.04.28), frkstyc
3223Football Game72PKU Local 2007 (POJ Monthly--2007.04.28), frkstyc, text by Ikki
3224Go for Lab Cup!4425PKU Local 2007 (POJ Monthly--2007.04.28), ideas from ava, text and test cases by frkstyc
3219Binomial Coefficients2428PKU Local 2007 (POJ Monthly--2007.04.28), Ikki
3222Edge Pairing312PKU Local 2007 (POJ Monthly--2007.04.28), ufx
3221Diamond Puzzle662PKU Local 2007 (POJ Monthly--2007.04.28), wenxichang
1810Covering128POJ Monthly
1811Prime Test3180POJ Monthly
1812Zuma Game92POJ Monthly
1813Overlapped Shapes142POJ Monthly
1814Polynomial16POJ Monthly
1815Friendship1359POJ Monthly
1816Wild Words879POJ Monthly
3745Keep Contact10POJ Monthly Contest - 2009.08.23, Elaxia
3743LL’s cake91POJ Monthly Contest - 2009.08.23, Isun
3746Teacher YYF207POJ Monthly Contest - 2009.08.23, Jason
3740Easy Finding2281POJ Monthly Contest - 2009.08.23, MasterLuo
3744Scout YYF I1740POJ Monthly Contest - 2009.08.23, Simon
3747Scout YYF II243POJ Monthly Contest - 2009.08.23, Simon
3741Number System Converter145POJ Monthly Contest - 2009.08.23, wjn
3742Equivalent Polynomial384POJ Monthly Contest - 2009.08.23, wjn
3758The story of three kingdoms XI25POJ Monthly Contest - 2010.04.04, 1318dotaer
3755The Training of Chain Lightning28POJ Monthly Contest - 2010.04.04, Mars
3756Chess Game223POJ Monthly Contest - 2010.04.04, Mars
3757Simple Distributed storage system213POJ Monthly Contest - 2010.04.04, Yao Jinyu
3759Simple Distributed computing system63POJ Monthly Contest - 2010.04.04, Yao Jinyu
3721Darkterror's Combos57POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.02.22, Dagger
3722We're Going In17POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.02.22, Dagger
3717Decrypt the Dragon Scroll108POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.02.22, Facer
3718Facer's Chocolate Dream114POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.02.22, Facer
3720Occurrence of Digits1350POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.02.22, Lei Tao
3719Art of Balance151POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.02.22, Mars
3716Panda's Birthday Present921POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.02.22, Simon
3715Blue and Red521POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.02.22, Windy
3729Facer’s string320POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.04.05, Facer
3728The merchant1047POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.04.05, GaoYihan
3730Ebbinghaus method60POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.04.05, geniushjs
3727Newton’s Method127POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.04.05, longpo
3724Find the parameter399POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.04.05, Simon
3726Windy's ABC191POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.04.05, windy7926778
3723Conscription3911POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.04.05, windy7926778
3725I know the k-th integer419POJ Monthly Contest – 2009.04.05, windy7926778
2438Children's Dining431POJ Monthly,anonymous
2444Partition a Matrix432POJ Monthly,c0500301036
2446Chessboard3441POJ Monthly,charlescpp
2310Cubic Tick-Tack-Toe42POJ Monthly,CHEN Shixi(xreborner)
2311Cutting Game1519POJ Monthly,CHEN Shixi(xreborner)
2233GAME AGAIN!127POJ Monthly,dodo
2442Sequence1996POJ Monthly,Guang Lin
2445Squares99POJ Monthly,Guang Lin
2236Wireless Network7333POJ Monthly,HQM
2237Can 1 Marine win 2 Zerglings?46POJ Monthly,HQM
2235Triangularize the Convex Hull34POJ Monthly,kicc
2314POJ language60POJ Monthly,kicc
2153Rank List1991POJ Monthly,Li Haoyuan
2239Selecting Courses3513POJ Monthly,Li Haoyuan
2156National Day Celebration94POJ Monthly,Loger
2152Fire701POJ Monthly,Lou Tiancheng
2154Color1843POJ Monthly,Lou Tiancheng
2155Matrix6395POJ Monthly,Lou Tiancheng
2309BST5021POJ Monthly,Minkerui
2313Sequence1228POJ Monthly,Minkerui
2443Set Operation1018POJ Monthly,Minkerui
2448A New Operating System81POJ Monthly,Minkerui
2234Matches Game5188POJ Monthly,readchild
1817Traffic Jam110POJ Monthly,Southeast USA 1999
2440DNA1136POJ Monthly,Static
2447RSA410POJ Monthly,static
2452Sticks Problem1876POJ Monthly,static
2441Arrange the Bulls1302POJ Monthly,TN
2315Football Game159POJ Monthly,uni
2157Maze979POJ Monthly,Wang Yijie
2308Dearboy's Puzzle193POJ Monthly,Wang Yijie
2453An Easy Problem4175POJ Monthly,zby03
2439Disconnect the Orange!?70POJ Monthly,Zeyuan Zhu
2449Remmarguts' Date5045POJ Monthly,Zeyuan Zhu
2450A New Kind of Chess38POJ Monthly,Zeyuan Zhu
2451Uyuw's Concert1408POJ Monthly,Zeyuan Zhu
2158A Difficult Mathematics Problem103POJ Monthly,李学武
2232New Stone-Forfex-Cloth Game496POJ Monthly,汪艺杰
2151Check the difficulty of problems2313POJ Monthly,鲁小石
2238Computer Basketball Game92POJ Monthly,鲁小石
2312Battle City2268POJ Monthly,鲁小石
1659Frogs' Neighborhood3079POJ Monthly--2004.05.15 Alcyone@pku
1662CoIns189POJ Monthly--2004.05.15 BearL@pku
1661Help Jimmy3143POJ Monthly--2004.05.15 CEOI 2000
1660Princess FroG403POJ Monthly--2004.05.15 duoshute@pku
1655Balancing Act4938POJ Monthly--2004.05.15 IOI 2003 sample task
1654Area3540POJ Monthly--2004.05.15 Liu Rujia@POJ
1656Counting Black6323POJ Monthly--2004.05.15 Liu Rujia@POJ
1657Distance on Chessboard8056POJ Monthly--2004.05.15 Liu Rujia@POJ
1658Eva's Problem10123POJ Monthly--2004.05.15 Null
1682Clans on the Three Gorges306POJ Monthly--2004.06.27 epic
1675Happy Birthday!880POJ Monthly--2004.06.27 srbga@POJ
1677Girls' Day573POJ Monthly--2004.06.27 srbga@POJ
1678I Love this Game!704POJ Monthly--2004.06.27 srbga@POJ
1679The Unique MST6333POJ Monthly--2004.06.27 srbga@POJ
1680Fork() Makes Trouble295POJ Monthly--2004.06.27 srbga@POJ
1681Painter's Problem2124POJ Monthly--2004.06.27 张嘉龄
1674Sorting by Swapping4043POJ Monthly--2004.06.27 弱人
1676What time is it?607POJ Monthly--2004.06.27 鄂继明
1698Alice's Chance1882POJ Monthly--2004.07.18
1699Best Sequence3058POJ Monthly--2004.07.18
1700Crossing River6052POJ Monthly--2004.07.18
1701Dissatisfying Lift1003POJ Monthly--2004.07.18
1702Eva's Balance1720POJ Monthly--2004.07.18
1703Find them, Catch them8814POJ Monthly--2004.07.18
1704Georgia and Bob3119POJ Monthly--2004.07.18
1705Generational Replacement75POJ Monthly--2004.07.18
2519Cutting Necklace79POJ Monthly--2005.07.31, CHEN Shixi
2520DNA Sequence Alignment75POJ Monthly--2005.07.31, CHEN Shixi
2518Little guys' game107POJ Monthly--2005.07.31, Huang Ninghai
2514Ridiculous Addition304POJ Monthly--2005.07.31, Islamic Azad University of Mashhad – Collegiate Coding Challenge 1
2517Cover23POJ Monthly--2005.07.31, LouTianCheng
2516Minimum Cost3161POJ Monthly--2005.07.31, Wang Yijie
2521How much did the businessman lose6884POJ Monthly--2005.07.31, Wang Yijie
2515Birthday Cake251POJ Monthly--2005.07.31, Zeyuan Zhu
2592Standard Point System106POJ Monthly--2005.08.28,anonymous
2596Dice Stacking311POJ Monthly--2005.08.28,Huang Ninghai
2598Match Throwing Game256POJ Monthly--2005.08.28,kicc
2593Max Sequence6029POJ Monthly--2005.08.28,Li Haoyuan
2594Treasure Exploration2586POJ Monthly--2005.08.28,Li Haoyuan
2591Set Definition3430POJ Monthly--2005.08.28,Static
2595Min-Max281POJ Monthly--2005.08.28,Static
2597Line Segment Erase342POJ Monthly--2005.08.28,Static
2748Logs Stacking801POJ Monthly--2006.01.22,anonymous
2751Saving Endeavour681POJ Monthly--2006.01.22,anonymous
2755Dominoes38POJ Monthly--2006.01.22,Loger
2750Potted Flower1369POJ Monthly--2006.01.22,Zeyuan Zhu
2752Seek the Name, Seek the Fame6969POJ Monthly--2006.01.22,Zeyuan Zhu
2753Similarity of necklaces35POJ Monthly--2006.01.22,Zeyuan Zhu
2754Similarity of necklaces 2174POJ Monthly--2006.01.22,Zeyuan Zhu
2749Building roads1421POJ Monthly--2006.01.22,zhucheng
2756Autumn is a Genius1490POJ Monthly--2006.02.26,zgl & twb
2757Beautiful Numbers112POJ Monthly--2006.02.26,zgl & twb
2758Checking the Text465POJ Monthly--2006.02.26,zgl & twb
2759Distributing tasks155POJ Monthly--2006.02.26,zgl & twb
2760End of Windless Days178POJ Monthly--2006.02.26,zgl & twb
2761Feed the dogs3008POJ Monthly--2006.02.26,zgl & twb
2762Going from u to v or from v to u?2864POJ Monthly--2006.02.26,zgl & twb
2763Housewife Wind1734POJ Monthly--2006.02.26,zgl & twb
2777Count Color7882POJ Monthly--2006.03.26,dodo
2778DNA Sequence2934POJ Monthly--2006.03.26,dodo
2775The Number of the Same BST414POJ Monthly--2006.03.26,newton88518
2773Happy 20062522POJ Monthly--2006.03.26,static
2780Linearity1194POJ Monthly--2006.03.26,static
2774Long Long Message5307POJ Monthly--2006.03.26,Zeyuan Zhu,"Dedicate to my great beloved mother."
2779Atom Bombs!? God!43POJ Monthly--2006.03.26,Zeyuan Zhu,Modified from NEERC2005 Area
2776Cheat at Math18POJ Monthly--2006.03.26,Zeyuan Zhu,Modified from Timus 1429
2825Perfect Permutation151POJ Monthly--2006.04.28, Dagger@PKU_RPWT
2826An Easy Problem?!1249POJ Monthly--2006.04.28, Dagger@PKU_RPWT
2819TN's Kingdom I - Establishment177POJ Monthly--2006.04.28, frkstyc@PKU_RPWT
2820TN's Kingdom II - Construction38POJ Monthly--2006.04.28, frkstyc@PKU_RPWT
2821TN's Kingdom III - Assassination68POJ Monthly--2006.04.28, frkstyc@PKU_RPWT
2822TN's Kingdom IV - Collapse77POJ Monthly--2006.04.28, frkstyc@PKU_RPWT
2823Sliding Window9359POJ Monthly--2006.04.28, Ikki
2824Bohemian Rhapsody18POJ Monthly--2006.04.28, TN@PKU_RPWT
2834Where Are You?170POJ Monthly--2006.05.28, Judas
2829How Many Free Dimensions?26POJ Monthly--2006.05.28, Liang, Shaochi
2827Auto-Calculation Machine343POJ Monthly--2006.05.28, Static
2830Max Sequence II84POJ Monthly--2006.05.28, Static
2833The Average2546POJ Monthly--2006.05.28, zby03
2828Buy Tickets5894POJ Monthly--2006.05.28, Zhu, Zeyuan
2831Can We Build This One?441POJ Monthly--2006.05.28, zhucheng
2832How Many Pairs?443POJ Monthly--2006.05.28, zhucheng
2843Cutting Cake130POJ Monthly--2006.06.25, Chen Xue
2837Silver Matrix571POJ Monthly--2006.06.25, Lei Tao
2840Big Clock5922POJ Monthly--2006.06.25, Lei Tao
2839Convex Hull and Triangle27POJ Monthly--2006.06.25, Long Fan
2842N-dimension Matching78POJ Monthly--2006.06.25, Long Fan
2841Navigation Game66POJ Monthly--2006.06.25, Yang Yi
2844Sum and Product73POJ Monthly--2006.06.25, Yang Yi
2838Graph Connectivity499POJ Monthly--2006.06.25, Zheng Zhao
2888Magic Bracelet1030POJ Monthly--2006.07.30, cuiaoxiang
2893M × N Puzzle851POJ Monthly--2006.07.30, newton88518
2886Who Gets the Most Candies?2518POJ Monthly--2006.07.30, Sempr
2890Matrix Multiplication367POJ Monthly--2006.07.30, Static
2891Strange Way to Express Integers3521POJ Monthly--2006.07.30, Static
2892Tunnel Warfare2298POJ Monthly--2006.07.30, updog
2889Unique Solution166POJ Monthly--2006.07.30, Wang, Yijie
2887Big String1166POJ Monthly--2006.07.30, zhucheng
2982Time Travel366POJ Monthly--2006.08.27, Dagger
2983Is the Information Reliable?2341POJ Monthly--2006.08.27, Dagger
2981Deal of Fortune18POJ Monthly--2006.08.27, frkstyc
2987Firing1699POJ Monthly--2006.08.27, frkstyc
2988Function Approximation37POJ Monthly--2006.08.27, frkstyc
2986A Triangle and a Circle425POJ Monthly--2006.08.27, Rainer
2984A New Joseph Problem474POJ Monthly--2006.08.27, zcgzcgzcg
2985The k-th Largest Group1724POJ Monthly--2006.08.27, zcgzcgzcg
3015Expected Difference257POJ Monthly--2006.09.29, ACRush
3016K-Monotonic252POJ Monthly--2006.09.29, ACRush, modified from TopCoder SRM 309 KMonotonic
3012A Number from Yanghui Triangle617POJ Monthly--2006.09.29, Kim, Chan Min (kcm1700@POJ)
3013Big Christmas Tree2516POJ Monthly--2006.09.29, Kim, Chan Min (kcm1700@POJ)
3014Cake Pieces and Plates1180POJ Monthly--2006.09.29, Kim, Chan Min (kcm1700@POJ)
3018Giftbox736POJ Monthly--2006.09.29, sza
3019Image Rotation17POJ Monthly--2006.09.29, zby03
3017Cut the Sequence1917POJ Monthly--2006.09.29, zhucheng
3162Walking Race579POJ Monthly--2006.12.31, flymouse
3163King of Fighters86POJ Monthly--2006.12.31, flymouse
3161Numerical Integration4POJ Monthly--2006.12.31, galaxy
3164Command Network2319POJ Monthly--2006.12.31, galaxy
3159Candies4446POJ Monthly--2006.12.31, Sempr
3160Father Christmas flymouse710POJ Monthly--2006.12.31, Sempr
3165Traveling Trio19POJ Monthly--2006.12.31, Zhu, Zeyuan
3166Jumping Frog73POJ Monthly--2006.12.31, Zhu, Zeyuan
3202A Very Simple Compiler3POJ Monthly--2007.03.04, Hou, Qiming
3203Incremental Python Parsing7POJ Monthly--2007.03.04, Hou, Qiming
3204Ikki's Story I - Road Reconstruction1327POJ Monthly--2007.03.04, Ikki
3205Ikki's Story II - War with TN170POJ Monthly--2007.03.04, Ikki
3206Ikki's Story III - Rescue frkstyc!94POJ Monthly--2007.03.04, Ikki
3207Ikki's Story IV - Panda's Trick2601POJ Monthly--2007.03.04, Ikki
3209From Pythagoras to …203POJ Monthly--2007.03.04, Ikki
3208Apocalypse Someday928POJ Monthly--2007.03.04, Ikki, adapted from TCHS SRM 2 ApocalypseSomeday
3216Repairing Company1331POJ Monthly--2007.04.01, crazyb0y
3214Heap438POJ Monthly--2007.04.01, czh
3211Washing Clothes2201POJ Monthly--2007.04.01, dearboy
3215Median of Lines132POJ Monthly--2007.04.01, dearboy
3217Eugenics259POJ Monthly--2007.04.01, Huang, Jinsong
3212Rescue Alice271POJ Monthly--2007.04.01, Liu, Cheng
3210Coins4400POJ Monthly--2007.04.01, Snoopy
3213PM3865POJ Monthly--2007.04.01, zhucheng
3233Matrix Power Series6762POJ Monthly--2007.06.03, Huang, Jinsong
3240Solution to the n2 − 1 Puzzle43POJ Monthly--2007.06.03, Huang, Jinsong
3234The Kylin Den14POJ Monthly--2007.06.03, Jia, You
3236Michelle's Evaluation62POJ Monthly--2007.06.03, Jia, You
3235Super Knight37POJ Monthly--2007.06.03, Lei, Tao
3237Tree1298POJ Monthly--2007.06.03, Lei, Tao
3238A Coin Game68POJ Monthly--2007.06.03, Yao, Jinyu
3239Solution to the n Queens Puzzle1267POJ Monthly--2007.06.03, Yao, Jinyu
3245Sequence Partitioning198POJ Monthly--2007.07.08, Chen, Danqi
32423-dimensional Musical Water-fence27POJ Monthly--2007.07.08, Chen, Qifeng
3248Soldier62POJ Monthly--2007.07.08, Chen, Qifeng
3243Clever Y1025POJ Monthly--2007.07.08, Guo, Huayang
3247Robots7POJ Monthly--2007.07.08, Guo, Huayang
3246Game241POJ Monthly--2007.07.08, Wang, Dong
3244Difference between Triplets621POJ Monthly--2007.07.08, Yuan, Xinhao
3249Test for Job1612POJ Monthly--2007.07.08, 落叶飞雪
3324Lucas-Lehmer Test95POJ Monthly--2007.08.05, frkstyc
3319Dragon Slayer Qualification Exam80POJ Monthly--2007.08.05, Hooyeon Lee (ltdtl@POJ), "I like dragons"
3321Apple Tree6208POJ Monthly--2007.08.05, Huang, Jinsong
3320Jessica's Reading Problem4149POJ Monthly--2007.08.05, Jerry
3241Object Clustering432POJ Monthly--2007.08.05, Li, Haoyuan
3318Matrix Multiplication2897POJ Monthly--2007.08.05, qzc
3322Bloxorz I1471POJ Monthly--2007.08.05, Rainer
3323Bloxorz II136POJ Monthly--2007.08.05, Rainer
3372Candy Distribution2765POJ Monthly--2007.09.09, ailyanlu@zsu
3377Ferry Lanes627POJ Monthly--2007.09.09, Dagger
3371Flesch Reading Ease496POJ Monthly--2007.09.09, frkstyc
3373Changing Digits785POJ Monthly--2007.09.09, Rainer
3378Crazy Thairs1105POJ Monthly--2007.09.09, tdzl2003
3374Cake Share598POJ Monthly--2007.09.09, Updog
3375Network Connection459POJ Monthly--2007.09.09, Updog
3376Finding Palindromes388POJ Monthly--2007.09.09, Zhou Gelin, modified from POI06
3421X-factor Chains1985POJ Monthly--2007.10.06, ailyanlu@zsu
3418Quadratic Functions100POJ Monthly--2007.10.06, Amber(hupo001)@POJ
3420Quad Tiling1580POJ Monthly--2007.10.06, Dagger
3422Kaka's Matrix Travels2213POJ Monthly--2007.10.06, Huang, Jinsong
3419Difference Is Beautiful458POJ Monthly--2007.10.06, SHOIT@ZSU
3416Crossing538POJ Monthly--2007.10.06, Wang Dong
3415Common Substrings2153POJ Monthly--2007.10.06, wintokk
3417Network1401POJ Monthly--2007.10.06, Yang Mu
3464Approximations19POJ Monthly--2007.11.25, Yang Yi
3465Battle404POJ Monthly--2007.11.25, Yang Yi
3466Distance to the Prey14POJ Monthly--2007.11.25, Yang Yi
3467Cross Counting285POJ Monthly--2007.11.25, Yang Yi
3468A Simple Problem with Integers15613POJ Monthly--2007.11.25, Yang Yi
3469Dual Core CPU3649POJ Monthly--2007.11.25, Zhou Dong
3470Walls207POJ Monthly--2007.11.25, Zhou Dong
3471Integral Roots171POJ Monthly--2007.11.25, Zhou Dong
Total 280 Problems match!

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