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3148ASCII Art164Northeastern Europe 2006
3149Billing Tables92Northeastern Europe 2006
3150Cellular Automaton849Northeastern Europe 2006
3151Driving Directions37Northeastern Europe 2006
3152Exchange68Northeastern Europe 2006
3153Fool's Game17Northeastern Europe 2006
3154Graveyard627Northeastern Europe 2006
3155Hard Life1189Northeastern Europe 2006
3156Interconnect290Northeastern Europe 2006
3157Java vs C++1790Northeastern Europe 2006
3158Kickdown770Northeastern Europe 2006
3426Doors and... more doors144Northeastern Europe 2006, Far-Eastern Subregion
3423Automaton optimization291Northeastern Europe 2006, Far-Eastern Subregion
3424Better security230Northeastern Europe 2006, Far-Eastern Subregion
3425Customer support1162Northeastern Europe 2006, Far-Eastern Subregion
3427Ecology tax2105Northeastern Europe 2006, Far-Eastern Subregion
3428Formatting function258Northeastern Europe 2006, Far-Eastern Subregion
3429Geometry with a ruler238Northeastern Europe 2006, Far-Eastern Subregion
3379Alphabet93Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3380Bridges389Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3381Confectionery58Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3382Deciphering55Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3383Equation9Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3384Feng Shui957Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3385Genealogy664Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3386Halloween Holidays1502Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3387Ideal Frame43Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3388Japanese Puzzle378Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
3389Kennings61Northeastern Europe 2006, Northern Subregion
Total 29 Problems match!

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