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2791Area 51180Northeastern Europe 2005
2792Brackets Removal169Northeastern Europe 2005
2793Cactus242Northeastern Europe 2005
2794Double Patience292Northeastern Europe 2005
2795Exploring Pyramids538Northeastern Europe 2005
2796Feel Good2891Northeastern Europe 2005
2797Guards66Northeastern Europe 2005
2798Hardwood Cutting99Northeastern Europe 2005
2799IP Networks733Northeastern Europe 2005
2800Joseph's Problem1111Northeastern Europe 2005
2801Knockdown52Northeastern Europe 2005
3430Pizza schedule133Northeastern Europe 2005, Far-Eastern Subregion
3431Texture Tile271Northeastern Europe 2005, Far-Eastern Subregion
3432Count Squares983Northeastern Europe 2005, Far-Eastern Subregion
3433Road Accident24Northeastern Europe 2005, Far-Eastern Subregion
3434Terrarium179Northeastern Europe 2005, Far-Eastern Subregion
3435Sudoku Checker688Northeastern Europe 2005, Far-Eastern Subregion
3436ACM Computer Factory1798Northeastern Europe 2005, Far-Eastern Subregion
3101Astronomy788Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3102Bee Garden171Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3103Cutting a Block567Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3104Drying2726Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3105Expectation394Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3106Flip and Turn227Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3107Godfather1987Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3108Horn Clauses39Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3109Inner Vertices491Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3110Jenny's First Exam167Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3111K Best1548Northeastern Europe 2005, Northern Subregion
3555Cocktail67Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
3556Increasing subsequences52Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
3557Map Generator279Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
3558Map Generator returns (MG-II)107Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
3559Trigonometric optimization37Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
3560Supersquare26Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
3561Pseudographical recognizer800Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
3562“Roman” corridor120Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
3563Parabolic teleports9Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
3564Magic pyramid13Northeastern Europe 2005, Western Subregion
Total 39 Problems match!

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