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2159Ancient Cipher9161Northeastern Europe 2004
2160Box1288Northeastern Europe 2004
2161Chandelier300Northeastern Europe 2004
2162Document Indexing131Northeastern Europe 2004
2163Easy Trading866Northeastern Europe 2004
2164Find the Border111Northeastern Europe 2004
2165Gunman341Northeastern Europe 2004
2166Heapsort530Northeastern Europe 2004
2167Irrelevant Elements383Northeastern Europe 2004
2168Joke with Turtles231Northeastern Europe 2004
2169Kingdom of Magic201Northeastern Europe 2004
2170Lattice Animals147Northeastern Europe 2004
2379ACM Rank Table967Northeastern Europe 2004, Far-Eastern Subregion
2380Sales Report391Northeastern Europe 2004, Far-Eastern Subregion
2381Random Gap985Northeastern Europe 2004, Far-Eastern Subregion
2382Radio Coverage147Northeastern Europe 2004, Far-Eastern Subregion
2383Circle Drawing184Northeastern Europe 2004, Far-Eastern Subregion
2384Harder Sokoban Problem254Northeastern Europe 2004, Far-Eastern Subregion
2094Angry Teacher126Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2095Beth Tableaux18Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2096Collecting Bugs2114Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2097Drawing Windows18Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2098Ellipse66Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2099Fool's Day29Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2100Graveyard Design1334Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2101Honey and Milk Land1599Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2102Incredible! Impossible!134Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2103Jackpot149Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2104K-th Number9760Northeastern Europe 2004, Northern Subregion
2965The Pilots Brothers' refrigerator7769Northeastern Europe 2004, Western Subregion
2966A safe way177Northeastern Europe 2004, Western Subregion
2967Triangles597Northeastern Europe 2004, Western Subregion
2968Necklace47Northeastern Europe 2004, Western Subregion
2969Divisibility by 15601Northeastern Europe 2004, Western Subregion
2970The lazy programmer404Northeastern Europe 2004, Western Subregion
2971"Switchback"40Northeastern Europe 2004, Western Subregion
2972Laser-Ball21Northeastern Europe 2004, Western Subregion
Total 37 Problems match!

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