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2171Amusing Numbers349Northeastern Europe 2002
2172Bricks297Northeastern Europe 2002
2173Cricket Field291Northeastern Europe 2002
2174Decoding Task405Northeastern Europe 2002
2175Evacuation Plan801Northeastern Europe 2002
2176Folding495Northeastern Europe 2002
2177Ghost Busters68Northeastern Europe 2002
2178Heroes Of Might And Magic164Northeastern Europe 2002
2179Inlay Cutters470Northeastern Europe 2002
2530Tetris Alphabet465Northeastern Europe 2002, Far-Eastern Subregion
2531Network Saboteur4580Northeastern Europe 2002, Far-Eastern Subregion
2532Burned Calendar112Northeastern Europe 2002, Far-Eastern Subregion
2533Longest Ordered Subsequence13843Northeastern Europe 2002, Far-Eastern Subregion
2534Falling cards44Northeastern Europe 2002, Far-Eastern Subregion
2535Very Simple Problem1461Northeastern Europe 2002, Far-Eastern Subregion
2201Cartesian Tree1067Northeastern Europe 2002, Northern Subregion
2202Strange Graph103Northeastern Europe 2002, Northern Subregion
2203Patience70Northeastern Europe 2002, Northern Subregion
2204Commuter train94Northeastern Europe 2002, Northern Subregion
2205Self-Replicating Numbers153Northeastern Europe 2002, Northern Subregion
2206Magic Multiplying Machine181Northeastern Europe 2002, Northern Subregion
2207Intuitionistic Logic20Northeastern Europe 2002, Northern Subregion
2208Pyramids769Northeastern Europe 2002, Northern Subregion
2209The King3534Northeastern Europe 2002, Northern Subregion
3407Brookebond s'en va en guerre...681Northeastern Europe 2002, Western Subregion
3408The Domino Principle362Northeastern Europe 2002, Western Subregion
3409Broken line171Northeastern Europe 2002, Western Subregion
3410Split convex polygon136Northeastern Europe 2002, Western Subregion
3411Paid Roads1933Northeastern Europe 2002, Western Subregion
3412Ray319Northeastern Europe 2002, Western Subregion
3413RPG419Northeastern Europe 2002, Western Subregion
3414Pots5364Northeastern Europe 2002, Western Subregion
Total 32 Problems match!

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