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1064Cable master5555Northeastern Europe 2001
1112Team Them Up!1485Northeastern Europe 2001
1113Wall6710Northeastern Europe 2001
1114Chemical Reactions324Northeastern Europe 2001
1115Statistical Trouble67Northeastern Europe 2001
1116Library217Northeastern Europe 2001
1117Pairs of Integers804Northeastern Europe 2001
1141Brackets Sequence5470Northeastern Europe 2001
1647One-move checkmate360Northeastern Europe 2001, Far-Eastern Subregion
1648Countryside Highway346Northeastern Europe 2001, Far-Eastern Subregion
1649Market Place167Northeastern Europe 2001, Far-Eastern Subregion
1650Integer Approximation1415Northeastern Europe 2001, Far-Eastern Subregion
1651Multiplication Puzzle3893Northeastern Europe 2001, Far-Eastern Subregion
1652Holey Cloth116Northeastern Europe 2001, Far-Eastern Subregion
1653Compacting Stickers110Northeastern Europe 2001, Far-Eastern Subregion
1625Censored!1262Northeastern Europe 2001, Northern Subregion
1626Chapayev58Northeastern Europe 2001, Northern Subregion
1629Fillword618Northeastern Europe 2001, Northern Subregion
1860Currency Exchange6140Northeastern Europe 2001, Northern Subregion
1861Network3873Northeastern Europe 2001, Northern Subregion
1862Stripies5714Northeastern Europe 2001, Northern Subregion
1863Subnumber83Northeastern Europe 2001, Northern Subregion
1864Funny Card Game13Northeastern Europe 2001, Northern Subregion
1267Fence151Northeastern Europe 2001, Northern Subregion 2001(URAL 1159)
3399Product619Northeastern Europe 2001, Western Subregion
3400Dropping the stones470Northeastern Europe 2001, Western Subregion
3401String reduction338Northeastern Europe 2001, Western Subregion
3402Add a queen226Northeastern Europe 2001, Western Subregion
3403"Bloody Mary"22Northeastern Europe 2001, Western Subregion
3404Bridge over a rough river1518Northeastern Europe 2001, Western Subregion
3405Convex hull58Northeastern Europe 2001, Western Subregion
3406Last digit635Northeastern Europe 2001, Western Subregion
Total 32 Problems match!

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