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欢迎参加IJCAI 2020麻将智能体竞赛,大奖等你拿!Welcome to IJCAI 2020 Mahjong AI competition with amazing prizes! | 北京大学《ACM/ICPC大学生程序设计竞赛训练》暑期课面向全球招生!
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1753Flip Game13184Northeastern Europe 2000
1754Buffer Manager342Northeastern Europe 2000
1755Triathlon835Northeastern Europe 2000
1756Domino Puzzle65Northeastern Europe 2000
1757Binary Search302Northeastern Europe 2000
1758Frontier106Northeastern Europe 2000
1759Garland873Northeastern Europe 2000
1760Disk Tree449Northeastern Europe 2000
2541Binary Witch428Northeastern Europe 2000, Far-Eastern Subregion
2542Fool Game51Northeastern Europe 2000, Far-Eastern Subregion
2543Spreadsheet85Northeastern Europe 2000, Far-Eastern Subregion
2544PreQueL37Northeastern Europe 2000, Far-Eastern Subregion
2545Hamming Problem2448Northeastern Europe 2000, Far-Eastern Subregion
2546Circular Area1909Northeastern Europe 2000, Far-Eastern Subregion
Total 14 Problems match!

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