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3517And Then There Was One2224Japan 2007
3518Prime Gap4375Japan 2007
3519Minimal Backgammon577Japan 2007
3520Lowest Pyramid49Japan 2007
3521Geometric Map126Japan 2007
3522Slim Span2912Japan 2007
3523The Morning after Halloween343Japan 2007
3524Bug Hunt294Japan 2007
3525Most Distant Point from the Sea1344Japan 2007
3526The Teacher’s Side of Math138Japan 2007
3325ICPC Score Totalizer Software4279Japan 2007 Domestic
3326Analyzing Login/Logout Records617Japan 2007 Domestic
3327Cut the Cake530Japan 2007 Domestic
3328Cliff Climbing541Japan 2007 Domestic
3329Twirl Around33Japan 2007 Domestic
3330Dr. Podboq or: How We Became Asymmetric82Japan 2007 Domestic
Total 16 Problems match!

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