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3129How I Wonder What You Are!686Japan 2006
3130How I Mathematician Wonder What You Are!1331Japan 2006
3131Cubic Eight-Puzzle252Japan 2006
3132Sum of Different Primes1626Japan 2006
3133Manhattan Wiring591Japan 2006
3134Power Calculus790Japan 2006
3135Polygons on the Grid102Japan 2006
3136The Best Name for Your Baby47Japan 2006
3137Enjoyable Commutation121Japan 2006
3006Dirichlet's Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions7350Japan 2006 Domestic
3007Organize Your Train part II1573Japan 2006 Domestic
3008Hexerpents of Hexwamp43Japan 2006 Domestic
3009Curling 2.06392Japan 2006 Domestic
3010The Genome Database of All Space Life181Japan 2006 Domestic
3011Secrets in Shadows43Japan 2006 Domestic
Total 15 Problems match!

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