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2739Sum of Consecutive Prime Numbers9787Japan 2005
2740Book Replacement296Japan 2005
2741Colored Cubes275Japan 2005
2742Organize Your Train89Japan 2005
2743Mobile Computing151Japan 2005
2744Atomic Car Race450Japan 2005
2745Network Mess177Japan 2005
2746Bingo70Japan 2005
2747Shy Polygons36Japan 2005
2683Ohgas' Fortune594Japan 2005 Domestic
2684Polygonal Line Search598Japan 2005 Domestic
2685Numeral System1547Japan 2005 Domestic
2686Traveling by Stagecoach1050Japan 2005 Domestic
2687Earth Observation with a Mobile Robot Team47Japan 2005 Domestic
2688Cleaning Robot1121Japan 2005 Domestic
Total 15 Problems match!

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