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2142The Balance2144Japan 2004
2143Make a Sequence265Japan 2004
2144Leaky Cryptography289Japan 2004
2145Pathological Paths140Japan 2004
2146Confusing Login Names255Japan 2004
2147Dice Puzzle86Japan 2004
2148Color the Map182Japan 2004
2149Inherit the Spheres105Japan 2004
2150Crossing Prisms49Japan 2004
1978Hanafuda Shuffle1960Japan 2004 Domestic
1979Red and Black13804Japan 2004 Domestic
1980Unit Fraction Partition1060Japan 2004 Domestic
1981Circle and Points1330Japan 2004 Domestic
1982Water Tank76Japan 2004 Domestic
1983Name the Crossing93Japan 2004 Domestic
Total 15 Problems match!

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