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欢迎参加IJCAI 2020麻将智能体竞赛,大奖等你拿!Welcome to IJCAI 2020 Mahjong AI competition with amazing prizes! | 北京大学《ACM/ICPC大学生程序设计竞赛训练》暑期课面向全球招生!
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3789Binary Clock338Greater New York Regional 2008
3790Recursively Palindromic Partitions318Greater New York Regional 2008
3791Text Messaging Improvement?75Greater New York Regional 2008
3792Area of Polycubes111Greater New York Regional 2008
3793Joe’s Triangular Gardens28Greater New York Regional 2008
3794Extended Normal Order Sort85Greater New York Regional 2008
3795The Two Note Rag116Greater New York Regional 2008
Total 7 Problems match!

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