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欢迎参加IJCAI 2020麻将智能体竞赛,大奖等你拿!Welcome to IJCAI 2020 Mahjong AI competition with amazing prizes! | 北京大学《ACM/ICPC大学生程序设计竞赛训练》暑期课面向全球招生!
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2845010000012834Greater New York 2005
2846The Bank of Kalii506Greater New York 2005
2847The Cubic End445Greater New York 2005
2848Kindergarten Graduation192Greater New York 2005
2849brainf*ck382Greater New York 2005
2850Stacking Cylinders506Greater New York 2005
2851No Fold'em Hold'em32Greater New York 2005
2852Model Rocket Height80Greater New York 2005
2853Sequence Sum Possibilities3310Greater New York 2005
Total 9 Problems match!

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