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2722Angle and Squares719Beijing 2005
2723Get Luffy Out1993Beijing 2005
2724Purifying Machine1014Beijing 2005
2725Finding Treasure200Beijing 2005
2726Holiday Hotel2546Beijing 2005
2727Special Judge80Beijing 2005
2728Desert King3330Beijing 2005
2729Robocode189Beijing 2005
2730F1 Circuit Design40Beijing 2005
2668Defending Castle825Beijing 2005 Preliminary Author:nealzane
2665Trees6170Beijing 2005 Preliminary
2666Back to Mother Ship706Beijing 2005 Preliminary
2667Barber's problem89Beijing 2005 Preliminary
2669Explore the Pirate's Cave142Beijing 2005 Preliminary
2670The Sorcerer's Stone217Beijing 2005 Preliminary
2671Jimmy's Bad Day334Beijing 2005 Preliminary
2672Hotkeys171Beijing 2005 Preliminary
2673Kicc Wants to Move a Mountain!1033Beijing 2005 Preliminary
Total 18 Problems match!

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