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2049Finding Nemo2014Beijing 2004
2050Searching the Web285Beijing 2004
2051Argus3601Beijing 2004
2052Fun Game187Beijing 2004
2053Square179Beijing 2004
2054Color a Tree1905Beijing 2004
2055Kid's Problem129Beijing 2004
2056The Separator in Grid650Beijing 2004
2057The Lost House893Beijing 2004
1921Paper Cut51Beijing 2004 Preliminary@POJ
1922Ride to School6789Beijing 2004 Preliminary@POJ
1923Fourier's Lines630Beijing 2004 Preliminary@POJ
1924The Treasure282Beijing 2004 Preliminary@POJ
1925Spiderman966Beijing 2004 Preliminary@POJ
1926Pollution866Beijing 2004 Preliminary@POJ
1927Area in Triangle707Beijing 2004 Preliminary@POJ
1928The Peanuts2733Beijing 2004 Preliminary@POJ
Total 17 Problems match!

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