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Let x and y be two strings over some finite alphabet A. We would like to transform x into y allowing only operations given below:

  • Deletion: a letter in x is missing in y at a corresponding position.
  • Insertion: a letter in y is missing in x at a corresponding position.
  • Change: letters at corresponding positions are distinct

Certainly, we would like to minimize the number of all possible operations.


A G T A A G T * A G G C

| | | | | | |
A G T * C * T G A C G C

Deletion: * in the bottom line
Insertion: * in the top line
Change: when the letters at the top and bottom are distinct

This tells us that to transform x = AGTCTGACGC into y = AGTAAGTAGGC we would be required to perform 5 operations (2 changes, 2 deletions and 1 insertion). If we want to minimize the number operations, we should do it like

A  G  T  A  A  G  T  A  G  G  C

| | | | | | |
A G T C T G * A C G C

and 4 moves would be required (3 changes and 1 deletion).

In this problem we would always consider strings x and y to be fixed, such that the number of letters in x is m and the number of letters in y is n where nm.

Assign 1 as the cost of an operation performed. Otherwise, assign 0 if there is no operation performed.

Write a program that would minimize the number of possible operations to transform any string x into a string y.


The input consists of the strings x and y prefixed by their respective lengths, which are within 1000.


An integer representing the minimum number of possible operations to transform any string x into a string y.

Sample Input


Sample Output



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