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The Moronic Cowmpouter
Time Limit: 1000MSMemory Limit: 65536K
Total Submissions: 4617Accepted: 2376


Inexperienced in the digital arts, the cows tried to build a calculating engine (yes, it's a cowmpouter) using binary numbers (base 2) but instead built one based on base negative 2! They were quite pleased since numbers expressed in base −2 do not have a sign bit.

You know number bases have place values that start at 1 (base to the 0 power) and proceed right-to-left to base^1, base^2, and so on. In base −2, the place values are 1, −2, 4, −8, 16, −32, ... (reading from right to left). Thus, counting from 1 goes like this: 1, 110, 111, 100, 101, 11010, 11011, 11000, 11001, and so on.

Eerily, negative numbers are also represented with 1's and 0's but no sign. Consider counting from −1 downward: 11, 10, 1101, 1100, 1111, and so on.

Please help the cows convert ordinary decimal integers (range -2,000,000,000..2,000,000,000) to their counterpart representation in base −2.


Line 1: A single integer to be converted to base −2


Line 1: A single integer with no leading zeroes that is the input integer converted to base −2. The value 0 is expressed as 0, with exactly one 0.

Sample Input


Sample Output



Explanation of the sample:

Reading from right-to-left:
1*1 + 1*-2 + 1*4 + 0*-8 +1*16 + 1*-32 = -13


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