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Digital Friends
Time Limit: 1000MSMemory Limit: 65536K
Total Submissions: 1165Accepted: 541


Two positive integers are called friends if they consist of the same decimal digits. So 123 and 32331313323213 are friends, but 123 and 22121221 are not.

Two positive integers (that are not friends) are called almost friends if a single neighbour exchange in one of them results in a pair of friends. A neighbour exchanges two neighbouring digits a and b into a-1 and b+1, or into a+1 and b-1, provided that these new digits are still in the range 0...9, and that no leading zero is generated. So 123 and 2223042 are almost friends(let 04->13), and 137 and 470 are neither friends nor almost friends(note that 13 -> 04 is not allowd).
The problem is to determine if two given integers are friends or almost friends.


The frist line of the input contains a single number: the number of test cases to follow. Each test case has the following format:
One line with two integer x and y, separated by a single space, with 0 < x, y < 10100.Both integers start with a non-zero digit.


For every test case in the input, the output should contain a single line with the string "friends" or "almost friends" or "nothing", reflecting the property of the two given integers

Sample Input

123 32331313323213
123 22121221
123 223042
137 470

Sample Output

almost friends
almost friends


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