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Invariant Polynomials
Time Limit: 2000MSMemory Limit: 65536K
Total Submissions: 338Accepted: 126


Consider a real polynomial P (x, y) in two variables. It is called invariant with respect to the rotation
by an angle α if
P (x cos α - y sin α, x sin α + y cos α) = P (x, y)

for all real x and y.
Let's consider the real vector space formed by all polynomials in two variables of degree not greater than d invariant with respect to the rotation by 2π/n. Your task is to calculate the dimension of this vector space.
You might find useful the following remark: Any polynomial of degree not greater than d can be uniquely written in form
P (x, y) = Σi,j>=0,i+j<=daijxiyj

for some real coefficients aij .


The input contains two positive integers d and n separated by one space. It is guaranteed that they are less than one thousand.


Output a single integer M which is the dimension of the vector space described.

Sample Input

2 2

Sample Output



Northeastern Europe 2003, Northern Subregion

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