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Pizza Anyone?
Time Limit: 1000MSMemory Limit: 10000K
Total Submissions: 790Accepted: 280


You are responsible for ordering a large pizza for you and your friends. Each of them has told you what he wants on a pizza and what he does not; of course they all understand that since there is only going to be one pizza, no one is likely to have all their requirements satisfied. Can you order a pizza that will satisfy at least one request from all your friends?

The pizza parlor you are calling offers the following pizza toppings; you can include or omit any of them in a pizza:

Input Code Topping
A Anchovies
B Black Olives
C Canadian Bacon
D Diced Garlic
E Extra Cheese
F Fresh Broccoli
G Green Peppers
H Ham
I Italian Sausage
J Jalapeno Peppers
K Kielbasa
L Lean Ground Beef
M Mushrooms
N Nonfat Feta Cheese
O Onions
P Pepperoni

Your friends provide you with a line of text that describes their pizza preferences. For example, the line


reveals that someone will accept a pizza with onion, or without ham, or with pepperoni, and the line


indicates that someone else will accept a pizza that omits extra cheese, or Italian sausage, or diced garlic, or that includes anchovies or jalapenos.


The input consists of a series of pizza constraints.
A pizza constraint is a list of 1 to 12 topping constraint lists each on a line by itself followed by a period on a line by itself.
A topping constraint list is a series of topping requests terminated by a single semicolon.
An topping request is a sign character (+/-) and then an uppercase letter from A to P.


For each pizza constraint, provide a description of a pizza that satisfies it. A description is the string "Toppings: " in columns 1 through 10 and then a series of letters, in alphabetical order, listing the toppings on the pizza. So, a pizza with onion, anchovies, fresh broccoli and Canadian bacon would be described by:

Toppings: ACFO

If no combination toppings can be found which satisfies at least one request of every person, your program should print the string
"No pizza can satisfy these requests." on a line by itself starting in column 1.

Sample Input


Sample Output

Toppings: CELP 
No pizza can satisfy these requests. 


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