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Fast Food
Time Limit: 1000MSMemory Limit: 10000K
Total Submissions: 3893Accepted: 1517Special Judge


The fastfood chain McBurger owns several restaurants along a highway. Recently, they have decided to build several depots along the highway, each one located at a restaurant and supplying several of the restaurants with the needed ingredients. Naturally, these depots should be placed so that the average distance between a restaurant and its assigned depot is minimized. You are to write a program that computes the optimal positions and assignments of the depots.

To make this more precise, the management of McBurger has issued the following specification: You will be given the positions of n restaurants along the highway as n integers d1 < d2 < ... < dn (these are the distances measured from the company's headquarter, which happens to be at the same highway). Furthermore, a number k (k <= n) will be given, the number of depots to be built.

The k depots will be built at the locations of k different restaurants. Each restaurant will be assigned to the closest depot, from which it will then receive its supplies. To minimize shipping costs, the total distance sum, defined as

∑ |di - (position of depot serving restaurant i)|

must be as small as possible.

Write a program that computes the positions of the k depots, such that the total distance sum is minimized.


The input file contains several descriptions of fastfood chains. Each description starts with a line containing the two integers n and k. n and k will satisfy 1 <= n <= 200, 1 <= k <= 30, k <= n. Following this will n lines containing one integer each, giving the positions di of the restaurants, ordered increasingly.

The input file will end with a case starting with n = k = 0. This case should not be processed.


For each chain, first output the number of the chain. Then output an optimal placement of the depots as follows: for each depot output a line containing its position and the range of restaurants it serves. If there is more than one optimal solution, output any of them. After the depot descriptions output a line containing the total distance sum, as defined in the problem text.

Output a blank line after each test case.

Sample Input

6 3
0 0

Sample Output

Chain 1
Depot 1 at restaurant 2 serves restaurants 1 to 3
Depot 2 at restaurant 4 serves restaurants 4 to 5
Depot 3 at restaurant 6 serves restaurant 6
Total distance sum = 8


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