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Regulations of POJ Monthly Programming Contest

Past Winners    Problem Contributors

A. Contest

  1. Anybody who possesses a POJ account is allowed for participation in the contest.
  2. The conduct of any contestant must be in compliance with the principles of fairness and justice.
  3. During the contest, any contestant is allowed to question about the texts of the problems.
  4. During the contest, any contestant is prohibited from any conduct considered by the administrative staff to be inappropriate or in obstruction of other contestants’ participation including publication of solutions and discussion of algorithms among others.
  5. Any contestant who violates the rules is disqualified from competition for prizes and is potentially subject to further punishments as per the administrative staff’s decisions.
  6. Any exception during the contest including but no limited to typos, incorrect test data and system failures is handled by the administrative staff by their judgment of the situation.

B. Prizes

  1. Any contestant whose conduct is in compliance with Section A is qualified for competition for prizes except otherwise stipulated below.
  2. Any contestant who ever uses multiple accounts and any contestants who ever share an account are disqualified for prizes.
  3. Any contestant whom the administrative staff confirms to be linked with cheating behaviors including but not limited to identical submissions and embezzlement of other contestant’ accounts is disqualified for prizes.
  4. Any contestant who has won prizes in past editions of the contest for five or more times is honored as Prominent POJ Monthly Contestant, and is not qualified for further prizes.
  5. Any contestant should provide authentic information about his/her full name (as the nickname displayed in the contest standing), university/college/school and e-mail address prior to the end of the contest in order to be qualified for prizes.
  6. Among all contestants who are qualified for competition for prizes, the one who ranks first in the final contest standing is awarded a prize of 500 RMB Yuan or equivalent; the one who ranks the highest among those from Peking University is awarded a prize of 500 RMB Yuan or equivalent. The two prizes can be aggregated.

C. Rewarded Problem Collection

Problems of the contest are publicly collected with rewards. Anybody who wants to submit his/her problems should contact frkstyc or Dzx through the website’s mail system.

  1. Any submitted problem must be original.
  2. Any submitted problem must be in strict conformance with POJ Monthly Contest Problem Quality Specification..
  3. The text of any submitted problem should demonstrate fluency in language and pellucidness in expression.
  4. The basic reward is 200 RMB Yuan or equivalent per accepted submission and is subject to variation out of judgment of quality.
  5. Anybody who has won an edition of the contest is rewarded an additional 100 RMB Yuan or equivalent per accepted submission.
  6. Anybody honored as Prominent POJ Monthly Contestant is rewarded a second additional 100 RMB Yuan or equivalent per accepted submission.
  7. Any problem submission must be exclusive to POJ within three months of the date of confirmed reception. Once a submitted problem is accepted for an edition of the contest, POJ is granted all rights concerning the problem except the right of authorship.

D. Contest Undertaking

Anybody is allowed to undertake an edition of the contest subject to the following restrictions.

  1. An application should be filed to the administrative staff at least two months prior to the earliest available contest date.
  2. After receiving approval from the administrative staff, all contest problems should be submitted at least one month prior to the selected contest date.

E. Appendix

  1. Peking University ACM Team retains the authority of interpretation concerning the contest.
  2. Please feel free to provide any suggestions concerning the contest and its rules by informing the administrative staff.

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