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Contest - PKU Campus 2008 ( POJ Founder Monthly Contest – 2008.05.10)

Start time:  2008-05-10 09:00:00  End time:  2008-05-10 14:00:00
Current System Time:  2024-07-24 02:40:37.224  Contest Status:   Ended

Problem set in PDF: [on-screen viewing] [printer-friendly]
Problem ID Title
3594 Problem A Escort of Dr. Who How
3595 Problem B Full Steiner Topologies
3596 Problem C Illuminated Planet
3597 Problem D Polygon Division
3598 Problem E PopKart
3599 Problem F Pumping Lemma
3600 Problem G Subimage Recognition
3601 Problem H Tower of Hanoi
3602 Problem I Typographical Ligatures
3603 Problem J Zen Puzzle Garden

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Contest Report
Solution sketch in PDF

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