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Split convex polygon
Time Limit: 1000MSMemory Limit: 65536K
Total Submissions: 678Accepted: 193


Two polygons on a plane are described by the coordinates of their vertices in anticlockwise order. The polygons are otherwise arbitrary but it is known that no three sequential vertices lie on the same line. It is suspected that the two polygons are parts of one bigger convex polygon that was split in two.

Write a program to check the guess on the condition that it is allowed to move and rotate, but not to invert the parts to match them together. All computations should be made with the precision of 0.001.


The first line contains an integer N1 (3≤N1≤100) – the number of vertices of the first polygon. Each of the following N1 lines contains two real numbers X, Y separated by one space – the coordinates of one vertex. The rest of the file describes the second polygon in similar manner.


The first and only line of the output must contain the number 1 if the guess is correct, and 0 otherwise.

Sample Input

0 0
4 0
4 1
3 3.5
4 4
4 5
0 5
6 0
11 0
11 4
10 4
9.5 5
7 4
6 4

Sample Output



Northeastern Europe 2002, Western Subregion

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